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    Thread: Mariah Carey dress design campaign!!!

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      Default Mariah Carey dress design campaign!!!


      First... i just gotta say Wooooooo... i haven't been here in a good minute! Life has been on the busy side for me... moving into an new place, trading my car, and numerous other shenanigans..

      Anyway... let me introduce to you all...[unless you have already heard of this] The Luscious Pink Dress Design Campaign for Mariah Carey!

      In a nutshell... Mariah Carey is promoting her new fragrance "Luscious Pink" by having this fantastic competition.. in which she has her fans design a dress for her to wear at a debut for her new fragrance. In addition to this, the winning designer will have THREE dresses brought to life from his/her design... ONE... will be tailored for MC to wear, ANOTHER will be created and auctioned off in a charity event where the proceeds will go to the advancement of breast cancer research... and the THIRD... will go to the designer for him/her to keep in their design portfolio.

      soOoOo.. anyway i encourage anyone here who is interested to give it a shot... and also.. i have my very own design that i have submitted in hopes of winning, myself... so anyone who would like to help support me, please vote!!:


      last time i checked my design ranks at 82 out of over 2000 other entries... YAY!! i am super PSYCHED!!

      anyway... your support is GREATLY APPRECIATED and i seriously encourage anyone else who wants to enter to definitely do so... because this could be a chance in a lifetime for aspiring designers!!! <3<3<3

      [side note] if there is somewhere else i should have placed this thread, my bad! O_o;;;; pls help me out and move it where it belongs!! kthx!! ^^ [end side note]

    2. Default Re: Mariah Carey dress design campaign!!!

      Sure, I'll vote for you. Good Luck. (thanks for informing me about this campaign)
      My Updates on Fashion and Lifestyle

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      Default Re: Mariah Carey dress design campaign!!!

      thanks for your support, ellachun ^_____________^ do let me know if you decide to enter, i would like to see your design too!!

      and heya asiajammers!!! where is everyone? where are all the fashion enthusiasts? aren't there any other jammers who find this interesting or who would want to try out for the campaign??? i thought there might be a lot more feedback than this so far.
      i think i got more attention at my nissan 240sx forum on this topic! and they are all car junkies with no interest in fashion whatsoever! lol O_____o

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      Default Re: Mariah Carey dress design campaign!!!

      I'm not old enough to enter ;A;
      Skreened x

      Cafepress x&x
      Take a look to see my t-shirt /etc. designs [:

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      Default Re: Mariah Carey dress design campaign!!!

      I voted for you! The dress is so cute!

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      Default Re: Mariah Carey dress design campaign!!!

      Voted for you ^-^ I think that dress was perfect for Mariah because it's very showy in the *chest* area.

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      Default Re: Mariah Carey dress design campaign!!!

      thank you for your votes, iksuna3 and Akane x i really appreciate your support!!

      i've moved up in the ranking to 54 [last time i checked] Woo!!

      For anyone else thinking about entering, there are still 17 days or so left! get in on this while you can! XD or, check out the other campaigns they are currently running @ brickfish.com

      @Pompom aw... how old are you??? you are a little one!!!! ^^ well.. the site that hosts this campaign has all kinds of other things to enter in. and when you ARE old enough, you should check out their current competitions, because there are all kinds of cool designing projects! [by the way they also do creative writing and video things too!!]

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      Default Re: Mariah Carey dress design campaign!!!

      you're at 50 now!! it's going good for you!! (ohw I did vote!!)

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      Default Re: Mariah Carey dress design campaign!!!

      Ha that so looks like something she would wear.
      The back is gorgeous. Good luck on winning.

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      Default Re: Mariah Carey dress design campaign!!!

      Such a pretty dress. It does look like something she would wear. Anyway, I hope you win and I voted for you!

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