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    Thread: Winter Formal Dance Them HELP

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      Default Winter Formal Dance Them HELP

      So I secretary of my student council && have a major part in choosing the theme of the dances. Our winter formal dance is huge and I want it to be amazing. However, i don't want a played out, cliche theme like Winter Wonderland or something. I want something original<3 Last year our theme was "dancing under the stars" :O. Whack right?

      Well I would really love this year's dance to be spectacular and blow eveyrone away, especially now that i have much more control over it this year.

      I need help w/ some possible themes, and if you sugegst a theme, it'd be nice if you could explain associated decorations too

      A theme I came up with and really liked was "Narnia "

      I know you jammers will come up w/ better ones

      Thanks! I greatly appreciate it<33

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      Default Re: Winter Formal Dance Them HELP

      hahaha Narnia is an interesting theme, i like it actually.
      I don't have any good suggestions at the moment. It's hard to think of something interesting and wintery
      When I think of winter, all that goes through my mind is the anime, Kanon XP

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      Narnia sounds like a pretty good idea ^^
      it would be nice to have a royal, renaissance kind of theme too
      but i dont think many high school students [including myself] can afford dresses that can look royal xDD

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      Default Re: Winter Formal Dance Them HELP

      the "dancing under the stars" sounds totally... AWESOME~
      "It's a swirling wonderland of sparkling, white pleasure. Let it fill your senses with cascading, fluffy pillows of comfort and excitement as you have never felt before."
      -Patrick Star

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      Default Re: Winter Formal Dance Them HELP

      xD Dancing Under the Stars was one of my school dance themes. It was fun.

      As for a non-cliche'd winter theme...
      -Winter Waltz
      -Cold Outside but Hot in Here (oh dear goodness. xD)
      -The ever generic: "Winter Partyland" -As long as you have awesome decorations, it'd be fantastic.
      - Winter/Formal Snowstorm
      - Ice-tacular
      - Dance on Everest - Mountain decorations? I kinda like this one. xD;

      Okay so...Maybe they are cheesy. XD

      Does everyone in your school like Narnia? I had a really diverse school and I know that if our theme was Narnia, a large number of people would not go at all.
      Non-Wintery themes..hmmm...
      - Color Madness - Solid blocks of color, with matching tables / tablecloths. This could get really cray if you have neons ad set up blacklights around. You -have- to be careful with this one though. I went to a school where we wouldn't be able to do this because a number of colors are associated with gangs. So if gangs aren't a problem where you're at, go for it! Also, I'd recommend not going rainbow, just do it random. Rainbow = homosexual and while that may be dandy by some, others could be put off by it. You want to appeal to the largest number of people.
      - Polka Dots & Moonbeams - It's a Frank Sinatra song. xD You could have posters and decorations of stripes and polka dots - I bet if kids knew about it before they went shopping, they'd try to match.

      I used to be part of the group that did our Winter dance too, when I was in high school. Maybe this helps? xD I'm sorry if it doesn't.

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      Default Re: Winter Formal Dance Them HELP

      Ice Ice Baby!!! haha vanilla ice! or is that toooooo old for you guys where most people wont know that song?? I'd tie it to a 90s theme but winter-y. haha

      so my idea: 90's theme with a winter feel and call it "Ice Ice Baby"

      take any theme and make it winter?

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