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    Thread: Does this Epistick thing work???

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      Feb 2010
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      Default Does this Epistick thing work???

      I just veiwed a thread about epilators, and found this weird stick thing for hair removal...
      Does this actually work? Looks pretty painfull to me...
      heres bascially the same concept, but in a slightly different design

      would this work either? anyone used one before?

      (can you tell I'm an ebay junkie yet? XD)
      Thank you!

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      Default Re: Does this Epistick thing work???

      I heard it works very well on fine hairs, but is very painful.

      I haven't dared to try >_<

      The second one is just a really mini epilator it looks like. Might as well just use tweezers.
      Latte Bunny - My blog

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      Default Re: Does this Epistick thing work???

      I know that it works bc i've used it (from the first link)
      Basically it works just like threading but alot easier to do at home
      when threading is out of the question and u dont have time!

      it hurts a bit .. maybe as much as how it hurts when u use the threading method .. =D

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      Default Re: Does this Epistick thing work???

      I'm guessing that the first one would be like the feeling when arm hair gets stuck in a bracelt or something. I don't think I explained that properly D; I haven't tried it, but from the pictures shown, that's what it looks like to me.

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      Default Re: Does this Epistick thing work???

      I have the First one. And the first time i tried it umm it hurts but not alot. but as more hair starts growing it hurts more like it pinches you >_> don't know if you understood.

      So yeah if you can't stand the pain then it's not for you.

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      Default Re: Does this Epistick thing work???

      I have one and I think it works pretty good. If you look close up on it you can see the hairs you just pulled out.

      But like many others have said, it can be a bit painful at first, but it starts to become fun after awhile.

      If you watched me do it you would see my face alternate between this and . lol

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      Default Re: Does this Epistick thing work???

      it's not bad. I got my sister to do it. It's a good recommendation for facial hair

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