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    Thread: How do you thin your OWN hair?

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      Default How do you thin your OWN hair?

      I have a shaving razor and cheap thinning shears. I really have no technique, which ends up being a handful of hair being cut but no difference.

      Anyone GOOD thinning tutorials for thinning your OWN hair?
      (videos for guys preferred)

      I have medium/short straight hair if that makes any difference. All I do is grab a section of hair in between my fingers and use the thinning scissors, but nothing looks any textured at all...

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      Default Re: How do you thin your OWN hair?

      Try not to be too... hard on it? otherwise it will just cut it, especially with the razor.

      actually. I never cut my own hair so i will just give you some links



      There should be men's on the last one, if you need more, add men to the search keywords.

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      Default Re: How do you thin your OWN hair?

      Um I cut my own hair and thinned it out quite a bit. It's best to thin in layers (if that makes sense) what I do:
      Take a rectangular horizontal section
      Take thinning shears and start at half the length of the hair
      Cut every half inch, moving towards the ends
      Repeat on all layers.
      When I finished, my head felt so much lighter.

      Sorry I ca't give that muchadvice on Mens hair, just my experience.

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      Default Re: How do you thin your OWN hair?

      eughhh i can't recommend anyone really thinning their own hair because it always equals disaster :/ BUT no one ever really listens to hairstylists on this issue because idk it's not like we went to school to study hair or anything, obv any regular person can do what we do

      first do not use a shaving razor on your hair, i don't even... don't even use a real hair cutting razor. if you're going to thin your own hair use the thinning shears because it's much more forgiving when you don't know what you're doing. second, only thin from the midshaft to ends.. hold your hair by the end and push it down slightly and do not cut below where your hair bends. if you cut below the natural bend of your hair and get too close to the scalp you will have tiny hairs that will stick straight up. not cute. third, thin by VISION not by FEELING. your hair can still feel thick but have huuuge holes cut into it by overthinning. this part is a lot of why you shouldn't thin your own hair because it's hard to see to cut your own hair even with a mirror. you should always have a clear outline of your original haircut. if you don't then you have a hole and you have ruined your cut.

      as for texture, regular thinning shears won't always make a difference because the teeth are too close together and too uniform. that's where point-cutting, chunking shears, or the razor come into picture but again i really really really really don't recommend anyone try to do that to their own hair because those are much more dramatic and even with that you still need to keep the original outline of your cut.

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